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What is the purpose of the stand?
The brand wants to attract trafc to the stand, which is the most crucial detail, to be kept in mind while
designing the stand.
A min 80 sq m to max 220 sq m, should ideally be the size of the stand with minimum seating for 20 people to
maximum 45 people depending on size. The next step is to attract the attention of visitors through graphics, photo-
graphs, prototypes, diagrams and messages. Use of colours like orange, green and yellow is prominent since these
are derived from the Rx logo itself. Importantly, the colour of the stand is something that identifes with the Pharm-
excil brand. Ideally the stand should be three side open with a single back wall. An LED screen should be placed at a
prime location of the stand, which plays the Pharmexcil branding visual continuously. It is essential to create spaces
for B2Bmeetings. These need to be open spaces.These spaces, however, also need privacy for business meetings. This
can be created with the help of pillars, graphic walls, planters etc. The stand should be made handicap friendly with
the construction of a ramp for wheel chairs. It is extremely important that the stand should not look too cluttered;
spaces, however, should be used intelligently to create as many branding positions as possible. Pillars, backlit pillars,
graphic walls, self-standing structures are examples of the various branding elements.
Top View of Stand