61 per cent of population prefer purchasing drugs online

Around 61 per cent of Indians prefer to purchase medicines online as per a survey conducted by Consumer Online Foundation and market research firm, BRIEF (Bureau of Research on Industry and Economic Fundamentals).


July 7, 2016: Tighter regulation needs to be in place not only for online sales but also brick and mortar stores as per the Foundation.


The results also revealed that around 50 per cent of the population bought medicines from the chemist without prescription and 36 per cent confirmed that they had never received any bills.


There has been uproar by chemists recently about the illegal sale of prescription drugs online with the heightened risk of misuse of drugs. However there is a wide perception that if web based platforms are used with proper checks and balances, it would be helpful to solve the problems. 


The government should ensure proper system to “regulate safe and secure purchase of medicines” with the help of all channels.


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