AIIMS has worked on over 2,700 research projects in last five years

Despite a large patient load, AIIMS has worked on 2,786 research projects in last five years.


New Delhi, July 28, 2013: Over the past five years, AIIMS has worked on 2,786 research projects. In a letter to the Estimates Committee of Parliament, AIIMS said the quantum of research activities performed should be viewed in context of the proportion of time the faculty invests amid the large patient load. It may be noted here that the institute has been identified as the top most in clinical and biomedical research. Also, postgraduates, doctors and post-doctoral students spend a significant amount of time in research.


Creation of programmes like national health programmes and policies, including National Goitre Control Programme and Universal Iodine of Salt, Integrated Child Development Services Scheme, National Blindness Control programme, Fluorosis Control Programme under Technology Mission on safe drinking water, Oral Dehydration solution for Diarrhoeal Disease and National programme for Health Care of the Elderly are clear examples of the impact of research done at AIIMS.


While AIIMS is not a technology institution, it is encouraging to note that it has 13 patents and five communicated products attributed to its research workers.


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