American Real Estate plans to set up three multi-speciality hospitals in India

The US-based medical clinics and real estate company aims at opening three multi-speciality hospitals in India.


Mumbai, October 2, 2012: The US-based American Real Estate plans to open three multi-specialty hospitals and small clinics in states like Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh in India. "We are looking at setting up 500-bed hospitals each in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. We have identified land near Surat in Gujarat and Indore in Madhya Pradesh," said Hasan Merchant, CEO, American Real Estate.


The company also said that it is planning to set up clinics in smaller towns in the three respective states. American Real Estate’s Merchant is currently heading three leading companies in Chicago that are involved in the business of medical clinics and real estate. The industry veteran recently launched Merchant Capital Fund in US to manage the investors’ fund.


He is currently looking at launching the international business solutions to support the large companies back in the US seeking SAP engineers from India. He is also providing seed capital to the start-up companies in the country and is in the process of setting up joint venture projects or acquiring the small-size IT companies.


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