China, India and Brazil unite to reinforce their stance on generic drugs at the WTO

New Delhi, June 25 2012: In order to challenge attempts by the US, Japan and other developed countries to club copy of patented drugs with fake or spurious ones, China, India and Brazil have defended the right of poor countries to be able to access cheap generic medicines.


It is no brainer that the high quality generic drugs will gain legitimacy if the consumer is confusing counterfeits with fake ones. And the government cannot allow such a move since it will disrupt the access to the cheap drugs as far as the poor is concerned.


It should be noted here that at the recent WTO’s Trips Council, developed countries such as Canada, Switzerland and the EU said that counterfeiting is one of the most serious problems ahead of the council. In addition, the countries mentioned that these medicines do not only cause loss to the economy but also put the lives of the patient at stake.


However, in reply, China, India and Brazil clearly states that infringing intellectual property should never be confused with sub-standard products. And since the issue is not about fake drugs, it should be discussed at other forums and not WTO, the three nations added.


Coincidentally, developed nations like the US and the EU also tried to convince the WHO earlier to include fake drugs in the definition of counterfeits. However, India with the support of nations like Indonesia and Thailand managed to convince the WHO that doing so was not only needless but would also prove to be counterproductive as far as the supply of drugs to the poor is concerned. 


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