Government extends deadline for pharma barcodes

The deadline to affix barcodes on mono-carton has been extended to April 2015.


New Delhi, August 18, 2014: The Government of India has extended the deadline to affix the barcodes on mono-cartons (ointment, eye/ear drops) by the pharma companies to April 2015. It may be noted that barcodes are expected to help in tracking and tracing the origin of drugs, which minimises the chance of genuine medicines being considered spurious, substandard or counterfeit.


The Directorate General of Foreign Trade said in a public notice that the mono cartons are to be treated as part of the secondary level packaging and accordingly the requirement of affixing barcodes on mono-carton as secondary level packaging became effective on June 26, 2014. The DGFT also said that the date for affixing barcodes on mono-carton as secondary level packaging has been deferred to April 1, 2015.


It is believed that barcoding will help in increasing the confidence in Indian pharma products and will eventually help in increasing exports.


Secondary level packaging is a level of packaging that may contain one or more primary packages or a group of primary packages containing a single item.


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