Five diabetes drugs amongst top selling drugs in the country

Five anti diabetes drugs are amongst the top ten selling drugs in the country. Control of non-communicable disease has been one of the greatest challenges for the country. This is a major shift from the earlier trend when the organised retail pharma market was dominated by anti infectives and antibiotics.


July 21, 2016: The anti-diabetic therapy segment is estimated to be worth INR 8500 crore and is growing at a strong rate of 12 per cent as per data from AIOCD Awacs. Human Mixtard, Glycomet GP, Lantus, Galvus Met and Janumet are the 5 top selling anti diabetics drugs. The number of diabetes drugs in the top 10 selling drugs has increased from 1 in June 2013 to 5 in June 2016.


Experts state that there have been multiple factors for the surge in the number of brands in the diabetes segment including an increase in new launches and detection cases, rise in the number of patients with the disease, early diagnosis, long survival rates for patients, availability of better drugs and treatment and patients responding well to treatment. The diabetes drugs are also used to treat other malfunctions like polycystic ovaries, obesity, insulin resistance, fatty liver. There has also been a shift from plains (single molecule) to combinations. While on the other hand, there have been supply constraints in anti infectives leading to slippages.


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