Government aims at implementing unethical drug marketing code

New Delhi, July 17, 2012: The Government is planning to make the unethical drug marketing code mandatory in the pharmaceutical industry. It is to be mentioned here that this code aims at ending the widespread practice of pharmaceutical companies offering gifts and incentives to doctors to prescribe their medicine. Since these practices result in increasing the cost of healthcare, it is expected that this move result in improving the access towards an affordable healthcare scenario.


It is worth noting here that the government officials recently met drug manufacturers to discuss the implementation of the unethical drug marketing code. The meeting was attended by the heads of drug industries bodies and Medical Council of India (the regulator of doctors and medicals colleges).


Interestingly, the moves comes into picture after the Congress MP Jyoti Mirdha filed a complaint with the Prime Minister’s Office that she has got the evidence to prove that Drug companies did not follow the code proposed by the government.


However, the code is yet to be notified. For the record, the code does not allow the companies to offer or promise gifts and benefits in any kind to the physicians or the suppliers. It is believed that this code will help in improving the environment in the healthcare sector by making the process more transparent.


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