Government takes initiatives for promoting pharma sector

Government takes initiatives for promoting pharma sector


December 13, 2015: The government is planning to increase its partnership with private players through the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER) for drug discovery. "We should innovate, we should produce new molecules. We should have very good drug discovery system to make sure we are activating all our NIPERs. Very shortly, over the next 4-5 years, I think we will have around a dozen NIPERs", according to Mr VK Subburaj, Department of Pharmaceuticals (DoP) Secretary.


The government is also working at implementing the recommendations of the Katoch Committee on solving issues plaguing the medical device manufacturers. "We want to see the medical devices sector grow in India. Like bulk drugs, in medical devices also, we want to reduce the dependency on other countries. We have to create our own local manufacturing capacities," Mr Subburaj added.


Also the pharma industry needs to develop expertise in other verticals apart from generics."Generic sector growth alone is not sufficient. Today we need to go beyond that. You have got ayurveda, veterinary sector, monoclonal antibodies, specialty generics, blood products. All these are huge potential growth sectors but our presence is almost nil", Subburaj said.


"There is a huge potential for growth as currently Indian pharma industry is just around 3 per cent of the global market. There is a big margin if we want to go to 30 per cent, then we can say we have grown in the pharma sector and that day is very close because potential is there and we are working towards it. We are creating right policies for this to happen," he added.


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