Lupin looking for global acquisitions

Lupin is scouting for global acquisitions in the US, Japan and China.


New Delhi, July 8, 2013: Indian drug firm Lupin is looking to acquire companies and brands globally, including in the US, Japan and China, to expand its global footprint.


The Mumbai-based firm is adopting a three-pronged strategy in its acquisition strategy, including the domestic market. While the company is looking for brands as acquisition targets in some of the markets, the company is also looking to takeover companies which can provide it new technology or market access.


The company is planning to acquire brands that can add to its portfolio in the US. Similarly, it is looking at companies that can add to its market presence in Japan. In addition, it is also looking at acquire companies that can expand its capabilities from a technology standpoint.


It may be noted here that Lupin is currently the 8th largest global generic company by market capitalisation. The company has a good geographic spread of 60 per cent in the regulated markets and 40 per cent in the emerging markets.




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