Opto circuits selected to supply medical devices to chicago transit systems

The medical equipment maker will supply 440 automated external defibrillators to the Chicago-based firm.


 New Delhi, January 7, 2013: Opto Circuits today announced that the company will be supplying 440 automated external defibrillators to a transit system in Chicago by the end of January 2013. Cardiac Science Corporation, a group firm of Opto Circuits, will supply the Powerheart G3 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) to all Chicago-area Metra commuter trains and the other Mtra facilities by the end of this month.


It is worth mentioning here that the external defibrillators are medical devices that diagnose life-threatening abnormal heart rhythms, or cardiac arrhythmia, and deliver electrical energy to the heart to restore its normal rhythm.


The company also said that as per the agreement, Cardiac Science will deploy 440 AEDs in Metra passenger cars, work facilities, and police vehicles; Cardiac Science also donated 30 AEDs to Metra.


It may be noted here that Metra, which recorded nearly 82.7 million passenger trips in 2011, is now the second transit system in the US to deploy AEDs on all of its trains.


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