Pharma exports to grow by 25 Percent during 2012-13

Exports from pharmaceutical sector is expected to touch US$ 17 billion during FY 2012-13.


Hyderabad, December 19, 2012: Indian pharmaceutical exports are expected to post a 25 per cent growth during this financial year to touch US$ 17 billion. The growth is expected to be driven by the formulations and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). For the record, pharma exports stood at US$ 13.4 billion during the financial year ended March 31, 2012.


Similar to last year, it is expected that there will be significant growth in exports to the US which accounted for 33 per cent total exports during the last year. As most manufacturing units in the country are already recognised by the global regulators, it can be expected that India will have an advantage as compared to the other countries.


To highlight the strengths of the Indian pharmaceutical players with an enhanced focus on small and medium units, Pharmexcil will be organising a global expo – iPHEX 2013 – during April 24-26, 2013.


It is expected that close to 500 representatives from global pharma companies and regulators are expected to participate at the event.


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