Sanofi introduces Shan5 paediatric pentavent vaccine

The vaccine has been developed and manufactured by its India affiliate Shantha.


Hyderabad, November 10, 2014: Sanofi Pastuer has introduced the paediatric pentavent vaccine, Shan5. The vaccine has been developed and manufactured by its affiliate Shantha. It may be noted here that Shantha is a fully integrated biotechnology company involved in R and D, manufacturing and marketing, was acquired by Sanofi Pasteur Holding in 2009.


Shan5 is a fully liquid five-in-one convenient, safe and high quality vaccine that provides effective protection to children from six weeks of age against five diseases, namely, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Hib and hepatitis B.


The company said in a press release that the launch of Shan5 received the prequalification status from the World Health Organisation (WHO) in April 2014. The prequalification helps Shan5 secure the supply of pentavalent combination vaccines in over 50 emerging and low-income countries.



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