Sun Pharma rolls out first ready to administer anti cancer drug in six European countries

Sun Pharma, India's largest drug company has rolled out InfuSMART the first ever ready to administer version of anti cancer drug gemcitabine in six countries of Europe including Netherlands, UK, Spain, Germany, Italy and France.


July 11, 2016: The company stated that InfuSMART will play an increasing role due to its efficiency in parameters of improved safety, convenience, saving time and providing differentiating solutions .


The product would be available in a bag. The company has received regulatory approval to sell gemcitabine InfuSMART in eight key stock keeping units. Gemcitabine is used in treating ovarian, lung, breast, and pancreatic cancer.


The company is working on its strategy to build “meaningful and differentiating presence in the global oncology therapy market”. The company has been building its efforts to build global branded products business and is focusing on areas where significant need gaps exist.


14 million new cases of cancer were detected in 2012, with 8 million deaths as per data from WHO. It is expected that cancer cases are expected to rise by over 70 per cent in the next two decades.


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