Sun Pharma secures DGCI approval for breast cancer drug

The medicine will be used for the treatment of breast cancer.


New Delhi, January 23, 2014: Sun Pharma Advanced Research Company today said that it has received the approval from Drug Controller General of India (DGCI) for its medicine to be used treatment of breast cancer. The company said in a recent statement that its medicine, Paclitaxel Injection Concentrate for Nanodispersion (PICN), was found to be equally effective and safe when compared to Abraxane in a clinical study.


The drug has been approved by the regulator both in the 260mg/m2 and 95mg/m2 doses to be administered every 3 weeks. The company also said that the medicine offers the convenience of a quick and easy one-step dilution and infusion preparation for healthcare professionals.


It may be noted here that the medicine can be administered in a short 30 minute infusion and unlike conventional Paclitaxel formulations it does not require pre-medication with steroids and anti-histamines. Also, this drug doesn’t lead to any significant hypersensitivity reaction in parents.



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