Suven Life secures patents for molecules in three countries

The patents have been granted in Canada, Japan and Korea.


New Delhi, March 24, 2015: The Drug firm Suven Life Sciences has received patents each by Canada, Japan and Korea for molecules, aims to be developed as drugs, for the treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases.


The company said in a filing to the BSE that patents are valid through 2030. The company believes that these patents will help the company in the CNS arena that are being developed for cognitive disorders with high unmet medical need with huge market potential globally.


The granted patents include the class of selective 5-HT compounds discovered by the company and are being developed as therapeutic agents useful in the treatment of cognitive impairment associated with neuro-degenerative disorders like Alzheimer's disease, Huntington's disease, Parkinson and Schizophrenia, among others.


With these set of patents, the company now has a total of 18 granted patents from Canada, 16 from Japan and 16 from Korea.


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