US pharma companies looking at a dialogue with Indian on IP rights

Top pharma companies from US favour dialogue with India on IP rights and clinical trials.


New Delhi, June 30, 2014: top management executives from the US based pharmaceutical firms favour dialogue with Indian to address their concerns on key issues like protection of intellectual property (IP) rights and clinical trials. This development came to fore at the recently held "US-India BioPharma and Healthcare Summit" organised by the USA-India Chamber of Commerce where the top US pharma companies said that they should not be considered as adversaries by New Delhi.


It was also argued that global pharma companies share the same goal of "patient first" with that of the Government of India. The top pharma companies said that while there can be no compromise on the IP Protection issues, the executives said they are willing to work with India to figure out a workable solution like tier pricing which is practical to both the parties.


"The Government has to understand, the first thing that we care about is the patient. We can have a dialogue,” said Bahija Jallal, Executive Vice President, MedImmune.


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