Venus Remedies secures marketing rights for meropenem from Venenzula

The company plans to launch the product in the next few months.


New Delhi, April 3, 2014: Venus Remedies has received marketing authorisation for meropenem, an antibiotic drug, from Venenzula. The company plans to launch the product in the Latin American market in the coming few months.


Venus said in a statement that it has expanded its footprint in Latin America with this approval and the US$ 10 million meropenem market offers a great opportunity to the company.


With already strong presence in Latin American markets like Columbia Peru, Guatemala and Mexico, the company is expecting to strengthen its presence further with this approval. It may be noted here that meropenem, an off-patented antibacterial agent of the carbapenem class of antibiotics, caters to diseases with a broad range of serious infections caused by single or multiple susceptible bacteria in both adults and children.


The Indian drug firm has already received marketing approval for this drug from more than 35 countries and is already exporting to 22 of them.


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