World Pharma Trade Centre to come up at Andhra Pradesha

Hyderabad, July 23, 2012: Pharmexcil will develop a 10-acre World Trade Pharma Trade Centre at Andhra Pradesh. The facility is expected to emerge as a platform for the global business-to-business meetings.


According to Dr. P. V. Appaji, Director General, Pharmexcil, “The trade centre will have the facility to hold country-specific business meetings. The council will also prepare a timetable for global sales meetings.”


It is worth mentioning here that the global pharma leaders may find the upcoming World Pharma Trade Centre as a perfect platform for holding one-to-one meetings. On the academic front, it will have a focus on allopathic and alternative medicines, formulations and bio-pharma. In addition, the upcoming facility will also offer accommodation facility to the visitors.


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