Cipla awarded the Global Fund tender

February 23, 2015: The Global Fund is an international financing organization which helps fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, by attracting and disbursing financial resources and channelizing appropriate funds and ensuring apt treatment to the required geographic region in times of need.


The Global Fund (GF) is a private- public partnership which was established in 2002 in Geneva, and to date, has been successfully implementing its mission to overcome the 3 deadly conditions which are prevalent in the world. Various private organizations and individuals, including Bill Gates have been donors to the Global Fund. At the start of 2013, the GF had a fund bucket amounting to US $23 billion, which is currently being utilized to support more than a thousand programs across 150 countries.


Recently, the Indian drug giant Cipla, has been selected by the GF as ‘Panel Supplier’ for the Antiretroviral (ARV) line of treatment for HIV/AIDS. This SupplierPartnership agreement came into effect in January 2015, and will be valid for over a period of 3 years. The first batch of ARV drugs will be made available in September 2015, which will be synthesized in Cipla’s various manufacturing units based in India. This is the second instance of Cipla partnering with GF, after its first successful collaboration in 2002 for antimalarial agents.


The MD and Global CEO of Cipla, Mr. Subhanu Saxena is excited about the drug giant being affiliated with Global Fund, and is positive that their contribution of ARVs to countries worldwide would be a giant step in reducing the number of HIV cases, by providing timely and effective medication.


Cipla has 34 manufacturing locations spread across 8 locations in India, and a presence in over 160 countries. It manufactures over 2000 products over 60 therapeutic specialties, in 40 dosage forms. Their expertise lies in the segments of Cardiovascular disorders, neuropsychiatry, ophthalmology and antiretrovirals.


Dr. Jay Shinde

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