Hetero to launch a biosimilar for colorectal cancer

July 4, 2016: With over 20 years of expertise in the realm of pharmaceuticals, Hetero is a young, but rapidly evolving pharmaceutical firm. Having created a niche for itself in the anti-HIV segment, it boasts of having over 30 antiretrovirals and their varied combinations that are USFDA and WHO PQ approved. Apart from having a strong hold on this segment, Hetero has also forayed into the API, formulation and biosimilar regions.


Their most recent strategy move is the anticipated launch of the biosimilar Bevacizumab, a monoclonal antibody indicated in the management of colorectal cancer. Although they initially faced a slight resistance from the Swiss Roche Labs, in terms of roadblocks and lawsuits which contributed to delays in launch, Hetero seems to have the situation under control. Their generic Bevacizumab has all the necessary permissions and approvals for its launch and is expected to hit the markets soon.


The drug has been approved and cleared by the DCGI, and it has been indicated for the first line of treatment for metastatic colorectal cancers. This monoclonal antibody will be dispensed in two strengths, 100 and 400 mgs, as injectables in single dose ampoules. After the tremendous success of their other biological products Darbepoetin alfa and Rituximab, their most recent cash cow CizumabTM will prove to be a cost effective treatment option for patients afflicted with colorectal cancer. Priced slightly lower than the current competitors Roche and Reliance Life Sciences, Hetero is confident that they will break into the Indian market. This biosimilar will be manufactured and shipped from Hetero’s sophisticated labs in Hyderabad, India. The CMD, Dr. B.P.S. Reddy is confident about the success of this cost effective treatment modality which is soon to be made available in the Indian market.

Dr. Jay Shinde

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