India’s Ayurvedic giant Dabur crosses the $800 million sales mark

June 18, 2013: Dabur, one of the oldest and the most successful Indian pharmaceutical and nutraceutical firm has been operational since 1884. In the last quarter of 2012, it reported a whopping sales of over $800 million, which has been a major milestone and achievement in the global pharmaceutical sector.


Dabur has a diverse portfolio, which ranges from anticancer drugs such as Paclitaxel, to digestive aids such as syrups and the well known Hajmola, to cosmetic and oral-care toothpastes and tooth powders. In addition, they have spread to edible formulations for general well being, with their patented Chyawanprash being a bestseller. After acquiring Balsara and emerging as a stronger entity, Dabur continues with its research and development for newer products. The Dabur Research and Development Center (DRDC) is a facility dedicated wholly to the initial formulation and scientific development of new products in the pipeline and betterment of their existing ones. This ultra modern facility has more than 100 research scientists who are skilled in product development, analyses and formulations. The gamut of skilled professionals include taxonomists, oncologists, microbiologists, biotechnologists and chemists, who work in collaboration with each other.


In recent times, Dabur is diversifying into consumer products such as fruit juices, and constantly expanding their product pipeline. Their existing range of healthcare supplements for women’s and infant’s health, cough and cold preparations and digestive aids are all based on the ancient medicinal principles of Ayurveda, most of which are made available as over the counter medications.


Apart from having their production facilities in India, they have diversified into Africa, the Middle East, Nepal and the SAARC region. They are currently establishing a brand new arm in Sri Lanka, christened Dabur Lanka, which will be the sister concern of their Indian facility. With an exponential growth and an active acquisition rate, we can foresee Dabur to excel in its newer ventures.

Dr. Jay Shinde

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