Medicity and Aethlon to provide hemopurifier therapy

May 17, 2013: Medicity in Gurgaon, India is one of the few modern healthcare facilities offering the highest standards in patient care and excellent clinical research services. Medanta Medicity has decided to collaborate with the California-based Aethlon Medical, to provide Hemopurifier therapy to patients afflicted with HIV and HCV.


Aethlon medical is known for its innovations in medical diagnostic devices aimed at cancers, hepatitis and HIV.


Aethlon’s most recent introduction in their existing pipeline of diagnostic tools is the Aethlon-Hemopurifier. This remarkable device, similar to a dialysis unit helps in purifying the blood and reducing viral loads, especially the Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV).


Clinical studies has suggested that this therapy is safe and is capable of bringing about an average viral load reduction of up to 50%, when the patient undergoes a treatment protocol of 4 hours, even if antivirals aren’t concurrently administered. These findings have caused a stir, as it indicates that with standard anti HIV or anti HCV treatment in conjunction with the hemopurifier therapy, there would be a significant reduction in viral loads, which would result in a subsequent reduction of drug dosing and fewer side effects, common especially with antiretrovirals.


In vitro studies using the hemopurifier have shown its efficacy in being able to capture exosomes, which are typical in cancers of the colon, skin, ovary and breast. Removal of these exosomes will aid in a better immune response and a quicker onset of action of anticancer drugs, when administered.


Medicity is one of the centers in India where clinical trials on Aethlon hemopurifiers are being conducted. The current treatment regimen of HCV is a combination therapy of Peginterferon and Ribavirin. HCV patients fulfilling the inclusion criteria in the trial are started on a three session, 6- hour treatment along with the drug combination. The test results so far have indicated an undetectable viral load at the 7th day of treatment. This could be a major breakthrough in the management of HIV and HCV.


Medicity is excited about this venture and foresees a long lasting contract with Aethlon.

Dr. Jay Shinde

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