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An end to animal tests for cosmetics

March 01, 2013: Testing of cosmetic products on animals as a part of the study is a practice that has been carried out by many cosmeticological firms for decades, in both India and the world. These are primarily conducted to … Read More »

Indo – Japanese collaborations on the rise

Feb 19, 2013: The past few years have been very fruitful for the Indian pharmaceutical sector, especially in terms of collaborations. Amidst these various tie-ups, the associations with Japan have been most successful.   The most recent partnership between Advinus … Read More »

Vivo Biotech to commence mouse breeding in India

Feb 11, 2013: In vivo, or animal study is a very crucial component of drug design and development. Needless to say, the process of selecting the right strain of experimental animals, ordering, housing and performing studies on them is as … Read More »

GSK and Biological E to co-design a hexavalent vaccine

Feb 06, 2013: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has recently partnered with Biological E, and entered a joint venture, which is directed at researching and developing a novel vaccine. This vaccine is unique in the fact that it is a combination of 6 … Read More »

Proton therapy centre to be launched by Apollo

Jan 31, 2013: The Apollo Hospital chain is one of the fastest growing Asian healthcare brand. With multiple hospitals spanning over 8000 beds across 50 centres, Apollo has significantly contributed to diagnostics and patient welfare in India. After having previously … Read More »