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LifeCell India set to introduce a cancer vaccine

Dec 31, 2012: In recent times, LifeCell has been very active in making news about innovations in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology spheres. The Bengaluru based LifeCell, known for its collection, shipping, storage and research on stem cells and their subsequent … Read More »

Cipla and DNDi collaboration for pediatric anti-HIV therapy

Dec 24, 2012: The Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative (DNDi) is a global, non-profit organization, which develops new and easily affordable medication for the lesser encountered disease conditions which weaken and claim many millions of lives. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, … Read More »

Pneumococcal infection outlook program initiative by KIMS, India

Dec 21, 2012: Pneumococcal infection is the main cause of hospitalization and deaths in the geriatric population above 50, and pediatrics below 5 years of age in India. In adults alone, statistics show an alarmingly high number of fatality of … Read More »

Stem cell therapy proliferating in India

Dec 17, 2012: The age-old controversy of the ethical use of stem cells has now made us gain a pretty good insight into the tremendous potential of these master cells, and how they could be successfully used to treat potential … Read More »

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals patents a Nasal anti-emetic

Dec 13, 2012: The Ahmedabad-based Lincoln Pharmaceuticals has made its mark catering to the export of Pharmaceutical formulations to domestic, as well as international markets. Recently, Lincoln achieved a major breakthrough, by patenting an antiemetic drug delivered by the intranasal … Read More »