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Indian Government to improve blood banking

February 15, 2016: India stands one among the 50 countries of the world, which is a part of the ‘Rome Declaration’, an attempt to be self sufficient in procuring blood and derived blood products, on a voluntary donor based, non-remunerated … Read More »

Bharat Biotech to introduce vaccine against Zika virus

February 08, 2016: Although not heard of very frequently, Zika is a disease brought about by the bite of a Zika virus-infected Aedes species mosquito. The same mosquito is responsible for the spread of diseases such as Chikungunya, yellow fever … Read More »

Mankind Pharma on an expansion spree

February 01, 2016: One of the youngest pharmaceutical firms in India, Mankind has exponentially evolved since its inception in 1995. With an initial investment of Rupees 50 lacs, today, it has a turnover of Rupees 50000 million, an employee strength … Read More »

Jubilant Biosys and Sanofi Deutschland to research Metabolic Syndrome

January 21, 2016: Metabolic syndrome is a lifestyle condition consisting of a minimum of 3 of related medical conditions, which are, obesity, elevated blood pressure, high levels of fasting blood glucose, elevated serum triglycerides and a lowering of HDL levels. … Read More »

Torrent Pharma launches a Biosimilar in India

January 14, 2016: The past decade has witnessed a steady increase in the use of biosimilars. Research methods directed towards the study, understanding and development of these agents have been a constant source of interest to several pharmaceutical firms, both … Read More »

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