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Advanced Enzymes Technologies Limited (AETL / Advanced Enzymes) is an Indian pharmaceutical company, headquartered in Thane, Maharashtra. Established in 1989, the company manufactures and of enzymes, both domestically and across 45+ countries.


The company’s fully owned subsidiaries, joint ventures and step-down subsidiaries are as follows:


  • Advanced Enzymes (USA): This subsidiary serves the North American and Latin American markets. It has two subsidiaries - Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies (Cal India Foods International) and Advanced Supplementary Technologies (AST Enzymes). Through these subsidiaries, it carries out R&D and marketing of high-quality natural enzyme products.
  • Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies (SEB): This subsidiary makes enzyme products for nutrition and healthcare segments, targeting companies in North America and Latin America. It specialises in custom enzyme blends, from conception to finished products.
  • AST Enzymes: The subsidiary formulates and manufactures enzyme-based strength supplements for digestive, joint, cardio-vascular, anti-inflammatory and colon health. Products contain natural ingredients and are not genetically modified.
  • Advanced Enzytech Solutions Limited: This subsidiary caters to non-food industries, such as paper, leather, textiles, detergents and cleaning aids. It has its own R&D facility and manufactures eco-friendly yet cost effective enzyme-based products without the use of harsh chemical processes.
  • Advanced Bio-Agro Tech Ltd.: This subsidiary focuses on animal nutrition and manufactures natural enzyme-based products for poultry and cattle. It is one of the leading poultry enzyme solution providers in India, and exports to Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.
  • Enzyme Innovation: This subsidiary of Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies (SEB) specializes in customized solutions, and markets and develops industrial enzymes for a wide variety of industries in North and South America. The industries it caters to include animal feed, protein modification, baking, milling, fruits and vegetable processing, paper and pulp, wine, detergents, cleaning aids and waste management.
  • Dynamic Enzymes: Incorporated in 2015 in California, the company markets enzyme-based digestive supplements that are sold through retail channels.
  • Enzyfuel Innovation Inc.: The company was incorporated in 2015 in California and supplies enzymes and enzyme-based products to the energy sector.
  • JC Biotech: Established in 2004, JC Biotech became a subsidiary of Advanced Enzymes in 2016. It manufactures bio-chemicals, bio-pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, with plans to produce algae DHA.


Company Highlights


  • Supplies enzymes to over 25 industries, including human health and nutrition, veterinary products, vegetable, fruit, grain and dairy processing, textile processing, leather processing, biomass processing, biofuels, etc.
  • Geographical presence across 45+ countries, and a client base of 700+ companies.
  • One of the top 15 enzyme producing companies in the world.
  • 7 manufacturing units (5 in India, 2 in USA).
  • 5 Research and Development (R&D) Centres.


Advanced Enzymes Technologies Ltd. is listed both on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).


Advanced Enzymes Technologies Ltd. at-a-glance


  • Sales Turnover (31 March, 2017) ~USD 51.1 million ?331.4 crores
  • Employees (31 March, 2017) 500+
  • Markets Served (countries) 45+
  • Manufacturing Facilities 7
  • R&D Units 5
  • Manufacturing Units 7 (India - 5; USA - 2)
  • Registered Patents 13
  • Proprietary Products 400+
  • GRAS Dossiers Filed with US FDA 1
  • Food Enzyme Dossiers Filed with EFSA 420



  • Sinnar factory - ISO 9001:2000 certification and WHO cGMP certification
  • Government recognized Star Export House
  • TQCSI ISO 22000:2005
  • QA International UKAS Quality Management
  • Feed Safety Assurance GMP+
  • Halal Mumbai India Certified




*Source: Company Annual Report




Advanced Enzymes Technologies Ltd. was incorporated in 1989. However, its history dates back to 1957, when its founder (Late Mr. LC Rathi) pioneered the extraction of an enzyme complex from papaya, known as papain, which is extensively used for medical and pharmaceutical purposes.


In 1958, Mr. Rathi established India’s first enzyme manufacturing plant. Super Organic Research Laboratories (SORL) was thus established for the manufacture of commercially available enzymes.


Advanced Biochemicals Private Limited was incorporated in 1989 to produce enzymes for the global market. Since then, the company has continued to grow, and is today the largest Indian enzyme manufacturing company.




  • 1989: Advanced Biochemicals Private Limited is incorporated
  • 1991: Inaugurates first fermentation plant at Sinnar, Maharashtra, India.
  • 1992: Advanced Biochemicals goes public
  • 1993: Partners with a foreign collaborator to set up first fermentation-based enzyme manufacturing plant
  • 1994: Super Organic Research Laboratories (SORL) merges with Advanced Biochemicals Ltd.
  • 1996: Launches an Application Research facility
  • 1997: Makes first profit announcement
  • 2001: R&D Labs in Sinnar and Thane receive recognition from DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research)
  • 2003: Sinnar factory receives system certification (ISO 9001:2000)
  • 2004:


    • Advanced Chemicals ranks as India’s largest producer of industrial enzymes
    • Files first patent
  • 2005:


    • Changes name to Advanced Enzyme Technologies Limited
    • The factory at Sinnar becomes WHO cGMP certified
  • 2006: Acquires land at Pitampur Special Economic Zone (SEZ)
  • 2007: Completes Phase I of the export-oriented fermentation facility
  • 2008: Sets up a non-food processing subsidiary called Advanced Enzytech Solutions Ltd. (Enzytech)
  • 2009: Sets up another subsidiary (Advanced Enzyme Far East Limited) for Chinese markets
  • 2010:


    • Receives ‘Emerging India Awards 2010’ for Life Science – Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals segment from ICICI Business Banking and CNBC TV18
    • Receives Bio-Excellence 2010 award for the Best Industrial Biotech Company of the year by the department of Information Technology and Biotechnology and Science and Technology, Government of Karnataka
  • 2011: Expands US presence by taking over Cal India Foods International (Specialty Enzymes and Biotechnologies) as a step-down subsidiary
  • 2012:


    • Takes over Advanced Supplementary Technologies Corporation as a step- down subsidiary to enhance foothold in the US market
    • Receives 1st runner award for the ‘Most Innovative Exporter’ at Indian Exporters' Excellence Awards by Export Credit Guarantee Corporation of India (ECGC) and Dun and Bradstreet (D&B)
    • Inaugurates Phase II of the fermentation facility at Pitampur SEZ Indore
    • Receives first US patent
  • 2013: Ranks among India’s top 500 fastest-growing mid-sized companies' list (2012)
  • 2014:


    • Receives Bio-Excellence award for the ‘Best Industrial Biotech Company’ at the most prominent biotechnology event in India (Bangalore India Bio 2014 event)
    • Ranks among India’s top 500 fastest-growing mid-sized companies list (2013) by Inc. India




  • Mr. Vasant Rathi Chairman and Non-Executive Director
  • Mr. Chandrakant Laxminarayan Rathi Managing Director
  • Mr. Kedar Jagdish Desai Independent Director
  • Mr. Ramesh Thakorlal Mehta Independent Director
  • Mrs. Rupa Rajul Vora Independent Director
  • Mr. Pramod Kasat Independent Director
  • Mrs. Savita Rathi Whole time Director
  • Mr. Mukund M Kabra Whole time Director





Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd.

Sun Magnetica, A Wing, 5th Floor

LIC Service Road

Louiswadi, Thane (W)

Maharashtra - 400604

Web: www.advancedenzymes.com

Tel: +91-22-41703200

Fax: +91-22-25835159

Email: info@advancedenzymes.com



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