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Amrutanjan Health Care Limited is an Indian pharmaceutical company with its corporate office in in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It was established in Mumbai in 1893 by Mr. K Nageswararao Pantulu. The company manufactures and sells Ayurvedic Balms, medicines for congestion management and a wide range of hygiene products. Major markets include India, as well as Gulf, African, South East and Asian countries.


Amrutanjan’s Product Portfolio


Pain Management

  • Headache
    • Pain Balm
    • Strong Pain Balm
    • Roll-On
  • Body Pain
    • Back Pain Roll-On
    • Body Pain Gel
    • Joint Muscle Spray
    • No Diclofenac


Congestion Management

  • Relief Cold Rub
  • Relief Nasal Inhaler
  • Relief Cough Syrup
  • Relief Swas Mint






Women’s Hygiene

  • Comfy Snug Fit
    (more than 80% absorbent sanitary napkins)





Other Products

  • Decorn Corn Caps, an Ayurvedic solution for corn removal in easy-to-use bandage form.
  • Xpert Dermal Ointment, an Ayurvedic anti-fungal ointment for itches, rashes, ring worms, cracked heels and eczema.



  • Fruitnik Juice (Apple & Mango), with vital anti-oxidants and Omega Fatty Acids.
  • Fruitnik ORS (Apple Drink) for rehydration.



Amrutanjan Health Care Limited Ltd is listed both on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).


Amrutanjan Health Care Limited at-a-glance


  • Sales Turnover ~USD 29 million
  • (31 March 2016) (~?192 crores)


  • Employees 583
  • Markets Served (countries) 24



  • The company has not shared this information




*Source: https://www.amrutanjan.com




The company has not shared this information




The company has not shared this information



  • Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. S Sambhu Prasad
  • Non-Executive Independent Director, Dr. HBN Shetty
  • Non-Executive Director, Dr. Pasumarthi SN Murthi
  • Non-Executive Independent Director, Dr. (Ms) Marie Shiranee Pereira
  • Non-Executive Independent Director, Dr. S Vydeeswaran
  • Non-Executive Independent Director, Mr. G Raghavan
  • Non-Executive Independent Director, Mr. V Swaminathan





Amrutanjan Health Care Limited

103, (Old No. 42-45)

Luz Church Road, Mylapore

Chennai – 600 004

Tamil Nadu



Website: https://www.amrutanjan.com

Tel: +91 44 2499 4465 / 24994164

Fax: (044) 24994585

Email: customercare@amrutanjan.com





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