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Laurus Labs Limited is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. It was established as a private limited company in 2005 by Dr. Satyanarayana Chava. The company develops, manufactures and sells Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) for anti-retrovirals (ARVs), hepatitis C, oncology and other therapeutic areas. In 2016, Laurus Labs sold APIs to 32 countries, including the US, UK and South Africa.



Laurus Labs operates four business units:

  1. Generics API, which includes the development, manufacture and sale of APIs and advanced intermediates in several therapeutic areas (ARV, Hepatitis C, Oncology, Cardiovascular, Anti-diabetic, Anti-asthmatic, Gastroenterology and Ophthalmic).

  2. Generics Finished Dosage Formulations (FDFs), which includes the development and manufacture of different types of oral solid formulations.

  3. Ingredients, which includes the development, manufacture and sale of low-cost specialty ingredients for dietary supplements and cosmeceutical products, including natural ingredients for sports nutrition, weight management, joint health, metabolic disorders, skin care, eye health and general wellness.

  4. Synthesis, which consists of contract development and manufacturing services for global pharma companies – for all types of formulations including NCEs, Generics and other specialty products.


Other Highlights

  • Launched 59 products since inception in 2005
  • Key customers
    • Included 9 out of the world’s 10 largest generic pharma companies (by revenue) in FY 2016
    • (i.e. the top 5) contributed 67.8% of total revenues
      (and have been customers for at least 5 years)


    Research & Development

    • 25% of total workforce was employed in R&D Centres (as of 30 June, 2016)

    • 5.1% of 2016 revenues were spent on R&D

  • Recognized by Forbes India as one of the 13 hidden gems of India (September 2015)

  • Developed 2nd and 3rd generation molecules for HIV treatment

  • 5-year CAGR

    • Net Sales grew at 32%

    • EBITDA grew at 37%

    • Profit Before Tax grew at 52%


Laurus Labs Limited is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).


Laurus Labs Limited at-a-glance


  • Employees 2,526

  • R&D Team 617

  • Turnover (31 March, 2016) ~USD 270 million
    (~?17,913.65 million)

  • Global Footprint (countries) 32

  • Manufacturing Facilities 5
    (all in Vishakhapatnam)

  • R&D Laboratories 50+

  • Products Commercialized 59

  • Patents

    • Owned 34

    • Pending 152

  • DMFs

    • Filed 37

    • DMFs Commercialized 30

Approvals, etc.

  • FDA (USA), (Korea)
  • WHO (Geneva)
  • EU (GMP)
  • NIP Hungary
  • PMDA
  • KFDA
  • BfArM
  • MHRA (UK)
  • TGA (Australia)


R&D Centre

  • FDA (USA)

  • TGA (Australia)

  • FDA (Korea)



Annual Report – 2015-16




The company has not shared this information



  • 2005

    • Laurus Labs Private Limited is incorporated in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh
  • 2006

    • Sets up R&D Centre in Hyderabad
    • Signs Term Sheet with a leading Indian pharma pharmaceutical company for oncology APIs
    • Files first patent application
  • 2007

    • Sets up an API manufacturing facility in Visakhapatnam (Unit 1)
    • Aptuit Singapore invests in Laurus Labs
    • Executes manufacturing and services agreements with 3 MNCs
    • Starts operations at R&D Centre
  • 2008

    • Files first Drug Master File
    • Starts operations at Unit-I Visakhapatnam
    • Starts supplying pharma products to USA
  • 2009

    • Receives DSIR recognition for Hyderabad R&D Centre
    • Commercializes 4 nutritional Fine Chemicals
    • Launches first pharma product in Europe
    • Forms a license agreement with an international organisation and an MNC to manufacture and sell one of its ARV products
  • 2010

    • Receives US FDA certification, TGA and UK MHRA certification for Vishakhapatnam
      (Unit 1)
    • Starts supplying to USA
  • 2011

    • Receives USFDA certification for Hyderabad R&D Center
    • Receives Korean FDA certification for Vishakhapatnam (Unit 1) and Hyderabad R&D Centre
  • 2012

    • Invests ?490 million in own company through primary investment and secondary acquisition of Aptuit’s majority stake
  • 2013

    • Crosses ?10 billion in revenues
    • Receives WHO approval for Visakhapatnam (Unit 1)
  • 2014

    • Buys ~135 acres of land in Visakhapatnam for expansion
    • Bluewater invests ?3,000 million and acquires significant stake from FIL Capital Management and FIP (through FIL Capital Advisors) via secondary share purchase transaction
    • Starts construction of Unit 2 in Vishakhapatnam
    • Laurus Inc. is incorporated in Delaware as a wholly owned subsidiary
  • 2015

    • Starts commercial operations at Visakhapatnam (Unit 3)
    • Acquires 27% stake in Sriam Labs Private Limited, Hyderabad
    • Manufacturing Units 1 & 3 successfully inspected by WHO, NIP Hungary and US FDA
  • 2016

    • Kilo Lab facility at R&D Centre, Hyderabad successfully inspected for US FDA
    • Receives approval from BfraM Germany for Vishakhapatnam (Unit 2)
    • Crosses ?15 billion in revenues
    • Files first ANDA with US FDA, and first dossier with WHO





  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Satyanarayana Chava
  • Executive Director Dr. Srihari Raju Kalidindi
  • Executive Director Mr. VV Ravi Kumar
  • Director Mr. Francis Jackson Wright
  • Director Mr. Rajesh Kumar Dugar
  • Director Dr. Robert Weisskof
  • Director Mr. Niten Malhan
  • Director Mr. Narendra Ostawal
  • Director Mr. Conner Town Mulvee
  • Independent Director Mr. Amal Ganguli






Laurus Labs Limited

Plot No. 21, JN Pharma City



Andhra Pradesh




Website: www.lauruslabs.com/



Laurus Labs Limited

Serene Chambers

Road No. 7, Banjarahills

Hyderabad-500 034,




Tel: +91 40 3980 4333

+91 40 6659 4333

Fax: +91 40 3980 4320


Laurus Synthesis Inc.

12-B Cabot Road Woburn

MA 01801


Tel: +1 781.305.4884

Email: excellence@laurussynthesis.com


Laurus Labs Limited

Southgate Chambers, 37/39 Southgate Street

Winchester Hants SO23 9EH




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