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Panacea Biotec Limited is an Indian pharmaceutical and health management company headquartered in New Delhi, India. Established in 1984, the company manufactures and markets pharmaceutical formulations and vaccines to 20+ countries, and offers Contract Research & Manufacturing Services (CRAMS) in procurement, manufacturing, packaging and product development.


The company’s product portfolio includes prescription products in cardiovascular management, diabetes, oncology, nephrology & transplant management, osteoporosis management, anti-tubercular, gastro-intestinal care, pain management and paediatrics.


Company Highlights (2015-16)

  • Key export markets include USA, Germany, CIS countries, LATAM countries, Africa, Middle East and other Asian countries
  • Niche therapeutic areas in India include Transplantation & Immunology, Nephrology, Oncology, Diabetes, Orthopaedics, Gastroenterology and Pain Management 
  • 5 manufacturing facilities in India
  • 4 R&D Centres in India, with 7% of net turnover invested in R&D during 2015-16
  • The company’s top 3 selling brands featured among the top 500 brands in India
  • Awarded Silver Brand for Glizid-M in Chronic Care Therapy by AWACS AIOCD
  • Received Thomson Reuters Intellectual Property & Science Award for 2015 as “Top 50 Indian Innovators - 2015”
  • Launched India's first indigenously developed brand at one fifth of the innovator's price for treating metastatic Castration Resistant Prostrate Cancer (mCRPC), CABAPAN (Cabazitaxel)
  • Was ranked amongst the top 60 Pharmaceutical Companies in India 
  • Leading Brands
    • 4 brands ranked #1 in their respective therapy areas
      (anti-neoplastics and anti-diabetic)
    • 6 brands ranked among India’s top 5 brands in their respective therapeutic areas
      (pain / analgesics, gastro intestinal and varicose therapy)

Panacea Biotec Ltd. is listed both on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).


Panacea Biotec Limited at-a-glance


  • Sales Turnover (31 March, 2016) USD 93.4 million

?619.65 crores

  • Employees (31 March, 2016) ~2,500
  • Markets Served (countries) 20+
  • Manufacturing Facilities 5
  • ANDAs (US FDA) 6


  • US FDA
  • WHO-cGMP
  • BfArM Germany 

Source: http://www.panacea-biotec.com




The company has not shared this information




  • 1984: Panacea Drug (P) Ltd. is established

  • 1988: Sets up vaccine production plant in New Delhi (Radicura Pharma)

  • 1989: Sets up a formulations plant in New Delhi

  • 1993: Panacea Biotec Ltd. is formed out of the merger of Radicura Pharma and Panacea Drugs (P) Ltd.

  • 1995:

    • Rolls out a ?180 million IPO (equity shares)

    • Sets up R&D centre in Lalru

  • 1997: Patents first international product

  • 2001: Ties up with a European MNC for R&D

  • 2002:

    • Signs in-licensing agreement to develop and commercialize Anthrax Vaccine with Biotechnology Consortium of India

    • Commissions production plant for Recombinant Vaccines

  • 2004:

    • Partners with Cambridge Bio-stability, UK, for Thermostable


    • Forms JV with Chiron (now Novartis) Vaccines, UK

    • Signs in-licensing agreement with National Institute of

Immunology, New Delhi, for Japanese Encephalitis Candidate


  • 2005: Signs in-licensing agreement for hair growth hormone with National Institute of Health, USA

  • 2006:

    • Receives compliance certificate from WHO cGMP for cutting-edge

formulations facility at Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

    • Collaborates with The Netherlands Vaccine Institute (Netherlands)

Vaccine Institute (NVI)) to manufacture and market finished

Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) along with IPV based combination

vaccines in India and overseas

    • Collaborates to manufacture and market measles vaccine with PT. Bio Farma

    • Starts an R&D Centre in New Delhi

    • Obtains WHO (Pre-Qualification) Certification to supply

recombinant Hepatitis-B Vaccine to UN Agencies

    • Collaborates with National Research Development Corporation

(NRDC) for technology transfer of Foot and Mouth Vaccine

  • 2007:

    • Sets up a vaccine formulation plant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh

    • Signs Research Agreement to develop new chemical entities for psychiatric disorders (with Punjab University)

  • 2008:

    • Partners to establish multi super-specialty hospital (220 beds) in NCR

    • Obtains WHO prequalification for fully liquid innovative combination

Pentavalent vaccine, EasyFive against five lethal early childhood infectious diseases (DTwP+ Hep B+ Hib)

    • Granted patent from US Patent & Trademark Office for management of haemorrhoids & piles




  • Chairman -  Mr. Soshil Kumar Jain
  • Managing Director - Mr. Ravinder Jain
  • Joint Managing Director - Dr. Rajesh Jain
  • Joint Managing Director - Mr. Sandeep Jain
  • Director - Operations & Projects - Mr. Sumit Jain
  • Director – Sales & Marketing - Mr. Ankesh Jain
  • Non-Executive Directors - Mr. RL Narasimhan, Mr. NN Khamitkar, Mr. KM Lal, Mr. OP Kelkar, Mrs. Manjula Upadhyay, Mr. Mukul Gupta





B-1 Extn. / G-3

Mohan Co-operative Industrial Estate

Mathura Road

New Delhi -110044



Website: http://www.panacea-biotec.com/

Tel: +91 11-26945270, 26974500, 41678000

Fax: +91-11-41679081, 26940199




as per AIOCD AWACS (MAT March 2016) data


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