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Sanofi India Limited is part of the French pharmaceutical multinational company, Sanofi SA, with its head office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Present in India since 1956, the company offers therapeutic solutions in cardiovascular diseases, thrombosis, diabetes, internal medicine, central nervous system, oncology, arthritis and osteoporosis, primary health care, vaccines and consumer healthcare. Aside from manufacturing and selling its products in India, Sanofi India exports to more than 40 countries, including Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, as well as Latin American countries.


In India, Sanofi operates through the following four entities:

  • Sanofi India Limited
  • Sanofi Pasteur India Private Limited
  • Sanofi-Synthelabo (India) Private Limited
  • \Shantha Biotechnics Private Limited\


Sanofi India Limited

  • Incorporated: 1956
    (as Hoechst Fedco Pharma Private Limited)
  • Manufacturing Units: 2

(Ankleshwar, Goa)

  • Products: Analgesics,

Anti-infectives, Bone & Joint, Cardiology, Central Nervous System, Consumer Healthcare, Diabetes, Gastrointestinal disorders, Oncology, Respiratory System and Thrombosis

  • Employees: ~2,300

Sanofi-Synthelabo (India) Private Limited

  • Incorporated: 1996

(as Sanofi Torrent (India) Private Limited)

  • Products: Vaccines


  • Employees: ~70


Sanofi Pasteur India Private Limited

  • Incorporated: 1997

(as Sanofi Torrent (India) Private Limited)

  • Products: Biosurgery, Cardiology,

Central Nervous System,

Consumer Healthcare, Internal Medicine, Oncology, Renal and Thrombosis

  • Employees: ~190

Shantha Biotechnics Private Limited

  • Incorporated: 2009


  • Products: Vaccines (Hepatitis B,

Tetanus, Cholera, etc.)

  • Employees: ~850




External Manufacturing

Sanofi India Limited manufactures many of its products via 17 toll sites in several types of dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, eye/ear drops, ampoules, vials, creams and ointments.


All products are manufactured under the same stringent quality standards as those at its own manufacturing sites, both for domestic consumption as well as for export to Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries, and Latin American markets.


Sanofi India Limited is listed on the National Stock Exchange of India (NSE) and Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE).


Sanofi India at-a-glance


  • Net Income from Operations ~USD 323 million

(year ended 31 Dec 2016) (?2193.1 crores)

  • Employees 5,000+
  • Manufacturing Units 3
  • External Manufacturing 17
  • Clinical Studies 95
    (since 2006)
  • Consumer Healthcare Brands 40+
  • Exports (countries) 40+

Approvals GMP Compliant








The company has not shared this information




The company has not shared this information




  • Chairman & Ind. Director: Mr. Aditya Narayan
  • Managing Director: Dr. Shailesh Ayyangar
  • Director: Mr. F Briens
  • Director: Mr. Rangaswamy Iyer
  • Director: Mr. SR Gupte
  • Director: Mr. AKR Nedungadi
  • Director: Ms. Usha Thorat
  • Whole Time Director & CFO: Mr. Lion Guerin
  • Whole Time Director: Mr. A Sood
  • Whole Time Director: Mr. N Rajaram
  • Additional Director: Mr. Cyril Grandchamp-Desraux
  • Additional Director: Mr. Thomas Rouckout






Sanofi India

Sanofi House

CTS No.117-B, L&T Business Park

Saki Vihar Road, Powai

Mumbai – 400072


Web: www.sanofiindialtd.com

Tel: (022) 28032000

Fax: (022) 28032846

Email: igrc.sil@sanofi.com











Unit No.5 & 6, 4th Floor

D-2, Southern Park

Saket District Centre

New Delhi – 110017



6B, Rain Tree Place

No.9, McNichols Road

Chennai 600 031



Apeejay House

5th Floor, C-Block

15th Park Street

Kolkata – 700 016






Sanofi India Limited

GIDC, Plot No. L-1221, Phase III

Verna Industrial Estate

Verna – 403 722, Goa



Tel: (91-832) 2883200

Fax: (91-832)2783591


Sanofi India Limited

3501, 3502-15, 6310B-14, GIDC Estate

Post Box 136

Ankleshwar – 393 002

Dist. Bharuch, Gujarat



Tel: (91-2646) 220812 / 221113

Fax: (91-2646)251968 / 251679




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