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India: A critical factor to spread Ayurveda globally

November 11, 2014: With India being the home to Ayurveda, the country is expected to play an important role in spreading the healing system across the world. With the awareness about Ayurveda already on the rise, the support of India has been sought to unify the community of practitioners of the ancient medicine systems, while ensuring uniform quality and standards.  


Dr Nilanjana Sanyal, Secretary, Ayush department under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Dr Geetha Krishnan, Secretary General, World Ayurveda Foundation recently inaugurated the International Delegate Assembly at the 6th World Ayurveda Congress, with a call to streamline policies on the propagation of Ayurveda globally. Attracting participation from overseas countries like Bulgaria, Latvia, Russia, Chile, Spain, South Africa and Bangladesh, the list also included many foreign Ayurveda practitioners.  


India's mission in this task is largely to inform the people about the benefits of Ayurveda and spread the age-old system around the world to improve lives. For instance, there is already an Ayurveda Association in Bulgaria to propagate the traditional medicine system. Associations like these can be supported by India in its mission to help promote Ayurveda in the global markets.  


India has already signed agreements with nations like Malaysia and Bangladesh to promote Ayurveda abroad. However, there is a need to increase the outreach and many more such associations will be required to achieve the mission.


For instance, Russia has conducted several studies on the use of Ayurveda medicines, with one study showing that application of preventive Ayurvedic measures reduces the risk of acute respiratory diseases by 70 per cent. The country is currently studying a recommendation to incorporate Ayurveda in the medical education and registration of Ayurvedic medicines in the country.  


The increased reach of Ayurveda will not only open more opportunities for India but also will complement the integration of traditional and modern practices.  


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