Pharma Trends

Domestic Pharma Retail Market crosses Rs 90,000 cr

August 10, 2015: Domestic organised pharma retail market has crossed Rs 90,000 crore on the back of huge growth in sales of anti diabetic drugs, dermatology and urology medicines. The pharma retail market recorded robust growth of around 13 percent to reach Rs 8328 crore in July 2015, adding Rs 1019 crore over July 2014. The market added Rs 11, 258 crore in a year, moving annual total (MAT) June 2015 over MAT June 2014 according to data from pharma research firm AIOCD.  


Growth over July'14-June'15

The pharma retail market took over two years to reach Rs 80,000 crore from Rs 66,000 crore, while it took lesser time to reach Rs 90,000 crore. For the month of July 2015, domestic pharma companies grew at a rate of 12.6 per cent with Lupin growing by 25 per cent followed by Sun Pharma with a growth rate of 22 per cent. 



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