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India-US generic companies launch coalition for affordable healthcare

June 30, 2014: Indian and US companies generic companies have come together and announced the launch of Coalition for Affordable Care in Washington recently.


The coalition is expected to take the big pharma giants head on, which in the recent past have launched an anti-India campaign against efforts of such companies to provide affordable healthcare not only to people in India but to most of third world countries. The Coalition will be run for the recently formed India first Group, which includes Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance (that has members like Sun, Lupin, Dr Reddy’s Labs, Zydus, Cadila and Ranbaxy).


The Group is of the view that forces backed by the Big Pharma, including the most powerful special interest business lobby in the US, PhRMA, chaired by Pizer’s Ian Reid, National Association of Manufacturers and Intellectual Centre of the US Chamber of Commerce have constantly worked on the campaign that focused on downgrading the reputation of Indian pharmaceutical companies.


The Coaliation also plans to push sustained activities to counter anti-Indian negative advocacy campaigns and at the same time, maintaining the market share of Indian companies.


"Entire investigations have been launched by the US Government spurred on by the Big Pharma Lobby," said India First Group's Ron Somers.


"The plain fact remains that the United States and India must work together to develop healthcare delivery models that provide access - not only for our own populations but for all humanity - or else peace and stability will be compromised worldwide.”


It is important for US and India to work together in order to develop practical healthcare delivery models that provide access to not only its own populations but to humans across borders. If a practical solution to healthcare is not achieved in the coming years, it is certain that peace and stability will be compromised worldwide.


India First Group's mission will be to mobilise like- minded constituents who support access to low cost, high quality alternatives to what has become a cocktail of unaffordable branded medicines.


As the excessive, high priced medicines is a roadblock in the treatment of most of the world’s population, the affordable healthcare products from the Indian industry is expected to provide a practical solution for access to healthcare.


It is expected that the noise from these focused sustained activities will be heard in the right corridors in the US government and industry in the coming months.


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