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Medicine Shipments to have Track and Trace

July 20, 2015: The government would use the track and trace technology to monitor all drug exporting firms. Beginning October, all companies will have to adhere to prescribed manufacturing data on various levels of packaging. The Ministry of Commerce has constituted an expert group which would come up with the recommendations for technologies for the programme within the course of the next two months.  


“We are planning to build a database on domestic manufacturers that will be open for regulators and retailers across the globe,” was stated by a senior official from the Department of Pharmaceuticals. “Now global importers would be able to see the status of their consignments and scrutinise the steps taken to ensure quality during the manufacturing.” The process would help the Indian drug makers keep track of their shipments and ensure that they are not tampered with.  


The bar code system is already in place whereby government mandated bar coding of mono cartons (each individual carton) of drugs are shipped out of the country.  


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