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Mega survey of drugs to 'prove quality to world'

May 26, 2015: Testing of 42,000 samples of Indian drugs for quality would be completed in the next six to eight months as part of a mega survey, stated by Dr G N Singh, Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI). “After about six months, we will actually know and tell the world that our drugs are of quality. This will also help negate misnomers as various numbers are being circulated about percentage of spurious/low quality Indian drugs”, he said to newspersons at the sidelines of a conference on quality of drugs organised by the US Pharmacopoeia (USP) in Hyderabad.  


Drugs Controller General of India, the apex body for drug control is also increasing its number of personnel. It would recruit about 200 drug inspectors and assistant inspectors to strengthen its testing capabilities. Currently it has 350 employees as part of its enforcement wing. It is also planning to scale up its pilot on mobile drug testing labs in Gujarat. It would be launching at least 20 more labs this year in states like Jammu & Kashmir, Bihar and UP.  


Ensuring strict adherence to Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) by the companies would also be given due focus and importance. The Controller is working on introducing various mechanisms that will help in ease of operations for pharma exports.  


With regard to increasing number of warning letters and other issues faced by Indian drug makers with US Food and Drug Administration (USFDA), Dr Singh said, “When somebody buys, they want their own rules of the game. But in a meeting with FDI team recently, we have requested it to inform us so that we can also send our inspectors along with its team”. The USFDA has responded positively.  



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