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No Polio case reported in India in last three years

January 15, 2014: India recently completed three years since the last polio case was reported in the country. It is a major milestone in eradicating the crippling disease. The recent achievement from the country firmly places it on course to be formally declared polio-free in March later this year.


The World Health Organisation still needs to confirm there are no undetected cases before making the official declaration. It may be noted here that polio is a vaccine-preventable disease that has been eradicated in most countriesbut it still causes paralysis or death in some parts of the world, including Nigeria, Pakistan and Afghanistan.


It is important to note here that an army of nearly a quarter of a million volunteers, doctors and medical workers had carried out a rigorous last-mile campaign across the country to vaccinate children over a period of three years to wipe out the scourge. The number of polio cases reported in the country stood at 42 in 2010 compared to 741 in 2009. The last polio case was reported from eastern India in 2011.


The junior home minister recently tweeted that it is a proud day for the country as the country has been polio free for three years. 


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