Pharmaceutical & Medical Industry Trends

The Pharma industry is growing exponentially over the last few years. It has increased life spans and fostered hope to people who have given up on everything. Improved life style and the capability to trust the Indian pharmaceutical industry is proof of the positive outcome of the Pharma industry. The Brand India Pharma's page on pharma trends give you an insight on various trends that are evolving at a very fast pace and enabling people to be more productive and efficient. With the fast transformation, it becomes a big responsibility to know the latest pharma trends. Watch this space for the latest pharmacy updates that highlight the pharmaceutical industry trends. Get in touch with us to know more about upcoming pharmaceutical trends.

April 28, 2013: To expand geographical presence in the emerging markets, the Indian pharma companies are forging alliances with global pharma majors.

After following an aggressive acquisition strategy for the past one decade, Indian...


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